Picking the Perfect Maintenance Man for Solar Powered Homes

Making the switch from home or business that is powered by electricity to a home that is powered primarily by solar energy can be a fun and exciting thing. It feels great to do something wonderful for the environment, and the lack of electric bills is enough to make anyone feel like they are in heaven. That piece of heaven can quickly evaporate when something breaks down or all of the sudden the system stops working. This is why leading experts recommend picking out the perfect company to perform maintenance before a breakdown in the power supply happens. Looking for these things will guarantee that every home and business has the number of a trusted professional to rely on.

Hours of operation

When considering who will work on an enphase product or take a look at an entire system, it is important to consider hours of operation. Often, families can wait until morning and go off of a spare generator until the maintenance man arrives to look over their enphase products.

But, if that maintenance man is only open during the same hours that the head of the household has to work, they will have to call off work to wait all day for a service call. This may be unavoidable, but attempting to find a professional that is working the same hours that a person is at home is ideal.


A professional in the solar panel industry should have a great deal of knowledge about stand-alone systems and how they work. Asking a few key questions about popular products, such as enphase micro-inverters or other enphase products can help identify how much knowledge a professional has.

They should be able to tell a customer about specific products, and what they are commonly used for. If they cannot, or have no clue about any of the recent enphase products, they may not have a sufficient amount of knowledge or be up to date on the latest products.


All of the knowledge in the world cannot compete with a wonderful amount of experience. Knowledge is similar to reading about heart surgery in a text book. While this is useful information, and a doctor will be able to discuss heart surgery, that does not mean that they will be an expert when a patient is laying on the operating table.

Just like with a major heart surgery, a professional need to have experience when it comes to their specialty. Experts in the solar energy field needs to have experience in completing repairs, or whatever they hired to do, whether it is a simple job or installing an entire stand-alone system.


All professionals need to be reliable, but this is especially important when it comes to a repairman. A solar energy system may go down, and generators and batteries that are not intended to be used for long periods of time will cause a great deal of stress for families. This can all be avoided by going with a company that offers a repairman sooner rather than later.

As more and more residential units and businesses convert over to solar energy, they are enjoying the wonderful impact that they are having on the Earth, but they are also making sure that they are prepared in case something goes wrong with their solar energy system. Even high quality products, such as enphase products, can have a bug or two or they may break down. Having a phone number handy will guarantee that everything is up and running as soon as possible, making sure that businesses and homes are able to keep operating just like they would like to.

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